So How Do You Learn Juggling?
Great question! When people ask me that question I give them a simple answer... practice. Finding the best juggling balls is really not hard. Nope, it’s easy. Remember when you learned how to ride a bike? Well that's how it is. You try it a few times, you don't give up and then you got it. Once you learn you never forget and the fun never stops.
I've been juggling for almost 15 years now. Since I’ve had so much fun I want to teach you. I really want you to learn but I want it to be easy and like I said, it is easy. The way that you are going to learn is by watching my free videos. I'll show you step by step. First you'll start by using scarves so that you understand the basic pattern. Then you'll move onto beanbags. Once you master that there is all kinds of equipment that you can use. There are rings, clubs, diabolos, devil sticks, cigar boxes, poi, knives and even torches! See what I mean? You are really going to have fun!
Once you learn you'll really want to show off your new skill. I know I did. You can start like I did by impressing your friends and family. When you’re ready it's time for some real fun and even the possibility of making some money. I'm talking about busking. This is when you go out to a busy area that attracts a lot of people and juggle for them. Having a large group of people in front of you cheering and laughing is a lot of fun. Heck, you might even make some money too! So are you ready to start learning? Click the link below to get started.
Last modified 2yr ago
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